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Josh Jacobs, Site Expert

Josh Jacobs has been the Site Expert for Redbird Rants since October 2022. Josh began writing for FanSided in December 2021 and has also held roles as a Contributor for Redbird Rants and was formerly the Site Expert for Rays Colored Glasses. Josh is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and is passionate about providing thoughtful coverage and for Cardinals Nation. You can find Josh on Twitter @joshjacoMLB for even more opinions and coverage of the team.

Follow @joshjacomlb on Twitter.

J.T. Buchheit, Contributor

J.T. Buchheit graduated with a journalism degree from Lindenwood University in May 2018. He worked as the copy editor on three schools’ newspapers from 2011 to 2018. In addition to his journalistic exploits, he also has a lot of experience onstage, with performances in 19 theatrical productions from grade school through high school and in community theater. He loves cheering on the Cardinals as well as copy-editing articles and anything else he can get his hands on. Follow @jbuc14 on Twitter.

Miranda Remaklus, Contributor

She is a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. Born and raised in Arkansas, she has her journalism degree and a masters in public administration degree from Arkansas State University. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, watching the St. Louis Cardinals, aggressively playing fantasy sports, cheering on the St. Louis Blues and Memphis Grizzlies. Always looking for streaming show recommendations! Follow @missmiranda on Twitter.

Thomas Gauvain, Contributor

Thomas started writing for Redbird Rants in June of 2023. He has been a Cardinals fan for over 20 years and enjoys writing articles that take a deeper look into player performance and team decisions. My Twitter is @thomasgauvain

Andrew Wang, Contributor

Andrew has been covering the Cardinals for the Noot News Podcast since January 2023. Growing up in St. Louis, he is a lifelong Cardinals fan and started writing at Redbird Rants in October 2023. Aside from the Cardinals, he loves cheering on Shohei Ohtani and following Japanese baseball. Follow @andrew_wang7 on Twitter.

Mason Keith, Contributor

Mason Keith has been a contributor to Redbird Rants since February 2023. Prior to that, he was a contributor for Puckett’s Pond. Mason has been a passionate Cardinals fan for as long as he can remember and even has prior work history with the Springfield Cardinals. When he is not busy being a community banker, you can find him on Twitter/X at @masonkeith25.

Sandy McMillan, Contributor

Born and raised in St. Louis, Sandy has been an avid Cardinals fan since before he can remember. In January of 2023, he helped found the Noot News Podcast before joining Redbird Rants in July of 2023. He’s in his third year at Baylor, and he loves attending the basketball and football games. He’s a huge fan of anything related to St. Louis or sports. Check out his Twitter page @SandyMac718

Curt Bishop, Contributor

Curt Bishop has been a massive fan of the St. Louis Cardinals since he was six years old. He has been writing about the Cardinals and Major League Baseball since 2020. Prior to joining the FanSided network in the spring of 2023, Curt wrote and produced baseball related content with The Cold Wire. You can follow him at @bishopcurtis5 on Twitter.


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