St. Louis Cardinals: Max Schrock needs to replace Kolten Wong

ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 12: Kolten Wong
ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 12: Kolten Wong /

The St. Louis Cardinals need to take deep consideration into replacing their MLB second baseman with the one showing better numbers in AAA.

The St. Louis Cardinals could well make a change that would/could impact and award additional wins of the nature that has been witnessed of late in their past five games. Let me say that while this player swap should happen, I doubt that it actually will.

Here’s the swap: Kolten Wong should be sent packing to join the Memphis Redbirds squad so that he can work with a real hitting coach in Mark Budaska. In his place, Max Schrock should be promoted to the Majors to show if his stuff translates.

Why? Well, Wong is slumping- hardcore- and Schrock is rocking (see what I did there?).

These are Wong’s numbers this season thus far:

Standard Batting
6 Yrs540192717252254377717321695314141296.253.322.373.69689644334161418
162 Game Avg.1625785186813123510511644289.253.322.373.696891931012245

And defensively:

Standard Fielding
6 Seasons2B4804323853898.22208877128348339.978820364.994.50.9834.624.59
6 SeasonsTOT4964423934004.22234903128348339.979719254.914.41.9834.554.51

Ouch, right? Not only do his numbers show a rough season, but his whole demeanor shows it too. And perhaps rightfully so as Schrock is knocking on the door.

These are Schrock’s numbers this season thus far (a note: Schrock’s numbers are AAA numbers and thus means that we are not comparing apples-to-apples when looking at him and Wong):

Register Batting
Minors (4 seasons)Minors2931276117717638563719139321080103.327.375.441.8165192013060
All Levels (4 Seasons)3061332123118040068819149331081105.325.372.439.8115412014060

And defensively:

Register Fielding
Minors (4 seasons)Minors2B2512202159.1107843362223165.9794.404.20
All Levels (4 Seasons)2B2622312255.1113445065925173.9784.434.23

Now let’s dig into these side-by-side… If Schrock can translate his AAA numbers to the Majors then this would mean that Wong’s .150 batting average could be replaced with Schrock’s .389 batting average. Who wouldn’t take that replacement?

If Schrock can translate his AAA power numbers, then his .982 fielding percentage and RF/9 of 4.51 could replace Wong’s .980 fielding percentage and RF/9 of 4.13. While the fielding percentage is negligible, the 0.31 point difference in the range factor could be the difference in an out or a base hit, a run or a run saved.

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Back to my early point: this swap is not so likely to happen since the St. Louis Cardinals are paying a hefty penny on Wong. In fact, he is being paid $4M in 2018 at the age of 27. Schrock is receiving league-minimum under a minor league contract. This means that Schrock would be an absolute steal. STEAL!

Here’s the other side of things too: Wong needs value for the St. Louis Cardinals but also for himself. After 2018, Wong has two additional season on his poorly-offered extension expires. The St. Louis Cardinals need him to be of value for the team but also as a trade piece. Two-plus years of control means that his contract will be attractive to teams.

Now he simply needs to make his performance match the value of his promise.

Schrock- in case you don’t remember- came to the St. Louis Cardinals when they traded Stephen Piscotty to the Oakland organization for Schrock and Yairo Munoz. Where Munoz had a great spring training, Schrock was not so often seen. Fast-forward to the start of this season and Munoz is now having a tough time while Schrock is climbing.

Let me circle back to the St. Louis Cardinals being less than stellar to think of optioning Wong; we know they are very likely not going to make this move thanks in large part to the contract. If this is true then let us hope that Wong finds his way. If Schrock is promoted, let us hope that he carries his numbers to the Majors and impacts.

Next: Do the Cardinals need to make changes?

Would you send Wong away? How else would you improve his value? Thanks for reading!