St. Louis Cardinals: Early recommended changes to continue winning

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 03: Dexter Fowler
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 03: Dexter Fowler /
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St. Louis Cardinals
MILWAUKEE, WI – APRIL 03: Dexter Fowler /

The St. Louis Cardinals have completed two series but are already showing places where changes are required and advised.

With the young season only five games in for the St. Louis Cardinals, the sample size on pretty much anything is too small to make real, lasting judgements. That said, there are a few items that stand out- to me at least- as being worthy of examination and/or change. In other words, I would like to take the time to urge the St. Louis Cardinals do these things in order to continue winning.

Before we dive into the recommendations, let us first look back at the two losses and one win against the Mets and the one loss/one win (at the time of this writing) facing the Brewers.

The St. Louis Cardinals limped through the first two games of the season with staggering strikeout counts but they turned this around and learned from the mistakes. After their trip through New York and Milwaukee, the St. Louis Cardinals sat at a solid .500 baseball.

But let us hope they don’t stop there. Let us hope that they figure out a way to eclipse the Brewers the remainder of the season such that the Cardinals can rest assured that they are punching a ticket to October baseball.

But how can they do that? What did we learn from the first six games of the 2018 St. Louis Cardinals season? Plenty…

In this slideshow, I will look at a few of the things that the first six games indicated to me as needing to change or needing to remain if the St. Louis Cardinals are to realistically content for the National League Central Division and/or lock in one of the Wild Card slots.