St. Louis Cardinals: Redbird Rants official podcast episode 17


Join the podcast crew TONIGHT, JULY 27th, at 9:30 pm CT for another action-packed episode of the Redbird Rants podcast, where we talk everything and anything St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

Here at Redbird Rants we are excited to bring you episode seventeen of the Official Redbird Rants Podcast, just FOUR days away from the trade deadline. As always, we will broadcast tonight’s episode LIVE for our listeners through The St. Louis Cardinals do play tonight at 6:15pm CT, but that won’t stop the fun.

Set your TV to mute, and enjoy the show!

Join host, Tito Rivera, and contributors, Josh McDonald and Trevor Hooth, for what promises to be a good prep for fans heading into the final days of the trade deadline.

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Here is a little preview of what is to come:

  • How sweep it is: Takeaways from the Rockies’ series, concerns about Carlos Martinez, and is the series more about the Cardinals playing better or the Rockies playing worse?
  • Diamondbacks’ series: Does anything but a series win or sweep matter at this point for the St. Louis Cardinals?If they split or lose, do we officially call the playoff hunt off?
  • Trade deadline just four days away: A look at the deadline a week out, Cardinals stalling on a big bat, caution with certain prospects involved in trades, is it more likely for the Cardinals to fix the bullpen this deadline? Who do they get?
  • Trade deadline final predictions: Will anything actually get don? Josh and Trevor give you their answers and why.
  • Showing the rookies some love: What have the rookies for the St. Louis Cardinals done for the team (Paul DeJong, Magneuris Sierra, Harrison Bader, and Carson Kelly)

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Next: Acquiring a big bat or not

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