St. Louis Cardinals still seeking power bats


With Gordon off the table, the St. Louis Cardinals are reportedly seeking power bats to add to the their lineup.

Will the St. Louis Cardinals make any more moves this offseason to retrieve that power bat they so desperately need in the middle of the lineup? As the offseason continues to jump from one month to the other, the set of free agent list is starting to get smaller and smaller.

The biggest splash of the St. Louis Cardinals’ offseason thus far has been the signing of free agent pitcher Mike Leake to a five-year, $80 million deal. Prior to signing Leake, the Cardinals said they were not going to make any ‘dynamic’ moves, but with one free agent in the books, another could be on the way, according to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman.

The Cardinals have been linked to adding outfield depth in free agency, with Alex Gordon being the name coming up most often in rumors.  However, Gordon is on his way back to the Kansas City Royals with a multi-year deal with the only major league baseball club that he has known or been a part of.

While Gordon would have been a fine pickup for the St. Louis Cardinals and solid bat for the middle of the lineup, his power numbers may not have been the right fit for the lineup; he only hit over 20 home runs twice in his career.

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With St. Louis needing a big bat in its lineup, Yoenis Cespedes and Justin Upton, who hit 35 and 26 home runs, respectively are considered to be other players the Cardinals are considering.

Along with both free agents having power bats, both are considered a ‘dual threat’ with Cespedes having tremendous fielding speed and we all know about his arm strength, and Upton having the capability to steal plenty of bases, which is an area the Cardinals can improve on.

Another possibly rumored for the Cardinals would be adding slugger Chris Davis. While Matt Adams is set to return for St. Louis at first base, a long shot move would be to bring in Davis.

His high salary could be enough for the Cardinals to pass, but the potential for power is there. Despite a down season with the Baltimore Orioles in 2014, Davis bounced back tremendously to knocking 47 home runs and 117 RBI in 2015.

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While the Cardinals could stand pat to begin the season, the talent it out on the market with hitters being the last to go in what was a stacked offseason list of free agents. St. Louis needs more pop out of the lineup, and adding the talent in free agency during the offseason could be the best way to go.