St. Louis Cardinals Have #1 MLB Uniforms


The St. Louis Cardinals were ranked with the #1 uniforms in all of Major League Baseball according to Uni Watch.

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Rounding out the top five in baseball were the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays, and Los Angeles Dodgers. This was the second consecutive season in which Paul Lukas, the sole member of the Uni Watch Power Rankings Executive Committee, has ranked the Cardinals at the top.

About the uniforms, Lukas writes:

"It’s little odd that the Cardinals wear their team name on the road and their city name on the home alternate, but whatever — this is still baseball’s best-looking team (thanks in part to a team president who takes an unusually strong interest in his team’s uniforms). Fun fact: The Cardinals are among the few teams that still execute their chest logo via chain-stitching, an old-school embroidery method that really makes those birds on the bat pop. Uni Watch’s highest rating."

You might remember that Lukas caused a debate online a few weeks ago when he questioned whether the Oscar Taveras patch was proper. Redbird Rants was just one of those sites that responded here and here.

A number one ranking for the Cardinals will likely not spark any debate in Cardinal Nation. It will give fans bragging rights but Lukas admits that he is biased when it comes to the rankings. However, it is nice to know that the Cardinals just one of a few teams left that still use the old-school embroidery method of chain-stitching.

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