St. Louis Cardinals Top 5 right fielders of all-time

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Last, but not least, we have our all-time right fielders. They are the last position to be accounted for, but they are a massive part of the team. This was a tough position to rank, due to the high turnover in the St. Louis Cardinals' history.

**Author's note** In an epic fail on my part, I forgot to list Hall of Famer Chick Hafey as part of Redbird Rants' list of top Left-Fielders in Cardinals History. He is one of four left-fielders in Cardinals history enshrined in Cooperstown. For Cardinals history fans everywhere, I do apologize.

This is a part of a running series on Redbird Rants ranking the top 5 Cardinals at each position. You can find the other position groups we have ranked so far below.

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Now, two Honorable Mentions