Joe Buck reveals his all-time favorite call and Cardinals fans will love it

With an illustrious Hall-of-Fame career, many iconic calls can be made. But one stands out for Joe Buck.
World Series - St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox - Game One
World Series - St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox - Game One / Elsa/GettyImages

While the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals wait out a rain delay, Chip Caray and Joe Buck were passing time by reminiscing on moments throughout their history. Conversations were mostly about their lineage with their monumental predecessors in the booth in Harry Caray and Jack Buck. But several times throughout the broadcast presentation, a certain game kept getting highlights replayed with Joe Buck on the call.

With the nostalgia rushing through the viewers' veins and the foreshadowing from the Bally Sports Midwest production crew, Chip Caray set up Joe Buck with a question that has many baseball fans wondering. What is Joe Buck's favorite call of his career? With over 25 years calling national games for Fox Sports, Buck has had more opportunities than most broadcasters to illustrate the games most memorable moments.

But one game really stood out for Joe Buck. In response to Caray's question, Joe Buck answered with the game most baseball fans would expect him to answer. Buck said Game 6 of the 2011 World Series was one of the greatest baseball games he has ever witnessed. In regards to it being the best call of his career, he said with uncertainty he believes it is. He knows he has had many great postseason calls, but that one stands out to him the most.

With Friday's special broadcast focusing on the legacies of the Caray and Buck families, Joe went into deeper detail as to why he made the now iconic line, "We Will See You....Tomorrow Night". He credits his father Jack for the Kirby Puckett home run in 1991 and with the Cardinals playing at home in Game 6 with that playoff tension and dramatics on display, he felt it was the right time to pay homage to his father. You can read more about that inspiration here.

What do you think Joe Buck's most memorable call is in MLB? With a long career of voicing America's pastime, you cannot go wrong with any choice here. Joe Buck is a sports treasure and we are glad he has returned to the broadcast booth for another MLB game.