Cardinals' City Connect release: Everything you need to know

The St. Louis Cardinals will release their City Connect jerseys on Monday, May 20th. Here's a breakdown on what to expect.
St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Angels
St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Angels / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

We are less than a week away from the St. Louis Cardinals revealing their City Connect jerseys! The Cardinals will be the 26th team to receive the uniquely designed jersey by Nike, and they will be revealed on Monday, May 20th.

The Cardinals will debut the jerseys against the Chicago Cubs on May 25th. As part of the launch week, St. Louis is rolling out quite the pageant. On May 20th, merch will be available for purchase via the Cardinals Team Store, Cardinals Authentics Shop, and Metro Boomin, a St. Louis native who has an accomplished career in the music industry, will be at the launch party Monday evening.

Plenty of speculation has swirled about the design. Recently, Nike has taken to using colored pants for teams like the Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, Tampa Bay Rays, and Philadelphia Phillies. Fan reactions have been largely mixed; some jerseys definitely look better than others, and there is some worry amongst St. Louis fans that the jerseys will be a letdown.

Quotes over the last few months surrounding the jerseys have given us an idea as to what they'll look like. Bill DeWitt III stated that the jersey would have red on it, especially after the team's red Spring Training threads were dropped. Teams have a "four plus one" approach to jerseys per Nike. This means that they have four regular jerseys, and then their "plus one" is the City Connect. Currently, the Cardinals have their white, their road gray, their alternate home cream, and alternate powder blue (which are delayed in production).

Given Nike's propensity to use one color across the full length of the uniform, it's possible that trend continues with the Cardinals' City Connect jerseys. Bill DeWitt did also say, however, that an all-red uniform looked "too much like pajamas", so that design idea hopefully won't happen.

There are plenty of designs that could be implemented in the jerseys. Given the Cardinals' social media team's use of the hashtag "The Lou" on Twitter/X, that slogan will be prominent in one way or another. The Gateway Arch, St. Louis flag, and Fleur-de-lis could also be featured.

Regardless of the design of the jerseys, it's cool to see the Cardinals get a unique uniform design this year.