The St. Louis Cardinals are set to unveil their Nike City Connect jersey next month

The Cardinals' iconic uniform kit will be getting a new addition later this year.
Tampa Bay Rays v St Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays v St Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

We've known that the St. Louis Cardinals were getting a Nike City Connect uniform for a while now, but today, the team made it official. The uniform will be unveiled on May 20th and is set to debut on May 25th in a game against the Chicago Cubs. City Connect jerseys for other teams have been quite polarizing so far, and many fans are highly anticipating the release of the Cardinals' version while also fearing that this new addition could ruin an iconic uniform kit.

The announcement of the City Connect also coincided with the removal of the Cardinals' red Spring Training uniforms, a fan favorite, so expectations for this jersey to look good are already sky-high.

According to hints dropped by Cardinals leadership, this uniform is likely to be predominantly red, which makes sense given the removal of the red Spring Training threads. It's unlikely that the uniform pants will be red as well, as the DeWitt family already commented on how those designs "looked like pajamas".

The jersey will also most likely feature "The Lou" on the front, with the potential for other St. Louis icons, such as the Gateway Arch. With the team's 2024 slogan "For The Lou," it seems inevitable despite outcry from some disgruntled fans. With 8 other clubs set to receive City Connect uniforms this season, and significant backlash to many poorly designed outfits, the Cardinals' uniforms will likely be extremely hit or miss.

Whether it's a tasteful tribute to the city of St. Louis, such as the White Sox, Marlins, or Nationals jersey, or a bland mess, such as the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, or Orioles uniforms, remains to be seen. However, with a track record of iconic and well-designed uniforms, I'm excited to see what the Cardinals have in store.