Breaking down John Mozeliak's St. Louis Cardinals insights on 101 ESPN

St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox
St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox / Leon Halip/GettyImages
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John Mozeliak went on 101 ESPN and offered some interesting insights on the current state of the Cardinals

The front office of the St. Louis Cardinals came under fire early in the season after its awkward removal of Willson Contreras from the catcher position and the tussle with Tyler O’Neill on his questionable effort in games. Management wasn't free from the criticism either, as Marmol's callout of O'Neill rubbed many fans the wrong way. However, the heat has lessened of late as the Cardinals have been on a surge after enduring rough seas in April and early May.

The recent stretch of elite offense has revitalized the Cardinals, and the starting pitching has also managed to do its part as of late, leading the team to win nine of its last 11 games. On May 18, the Cardinals provided historic production at the plate, clobbering seven home runs, their most in a game in 27 years, and trounced the Los Angeles Dodgers 16-8. Suddenly, everything looks rosy for the team even with its 19-26 record, and fans are beginning to believe in the team again.

Cardinals President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak arrived on the St. Louis sports radio station 101 ESPN in the midst of the team’s turnaround to answer some questions about recent events affecting the Cardinals and provide a look into his thoughts on the team as it stands now. While Mozeliak's comments are always cloaked in an air of mystery, there were still some nuggets to take away from his latest interview.

This is a glance at John Mozeliak's comments on 101 ESPN.