Ranking who deserves blame for the Cardinals' issues with Willson Contreras

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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Who deserves blame for the Willson Contreras situation?

There is no replacing Yadier Molina. I'm not sure if the St. Louis Cardinals understand that based on their baffling move to remove Willson Contreras' catching duties this weekend during year one of a five-year, $87.5 million deal.

The move not only sent shockwaves through Cardinals Nation but has also become a leading story among national media in the days following. Some say they saw this issue coming and think Contreras' game calling was always going to be a major issue, while others think the Cardinals are pointing their finger at Contreras when he is not the problem. Regardless of where people fall in that conversation, there is universal agreement that the Cardinals have created an absolute mess with this.

People can rip on the Cardinals' organization all they want, but it is hard to refute that, even for each of the questionable moves they have made, they sent to run a tight ship, and are able to maintain stability and unity across all fronts. Well, that has fallen apart in about as epic of a way as possible this season.

It's hard not to look at the mess of the Contreras situation and not wonder who is at fault. Like many things in life, there isn't one person solely at fault, but there are parties in this scenario who should own much more of the blame than others.

There are plenty of people that can be pointed at for their incompetency in how the Contreras situation has gone. Let's rank who deserves the most blame for how this situation has gone.