St. Louis Cardinals: Holland continues to make sense

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 17: Greg Holland
DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 17: Greg Holland /

As the St. Louis Cardinals look to finalize their offseason with Spring Training rapidly approaching, one name seems to make more and more sense by the day.

The St. Louis Cardinals went into this offseason with a few goals in mind. First, shore up the middle of the order, check. Then, shore up the dumpster fire that was the bullpen, check?

Yes, the Cardinals have made some additions. Luke Gregerson is a solid veteran presence, Alex Reyes may spend some time in the pen and Dominic Leone has some pretty impressive upside. That’s great and maybe with better management (e.g. Mike Maddux) the returning guys will perform better.

At this point why not push in a few more chips and add a guy who makes too much sense, Greg Holland?

Nearly a month ago Wade Davis was plucked off the market by the Colorado Rockies. This of course was Greg Holland’s home last season. Since the closer role in Colorado is gone it would make sense that Holland wouldn’t resign with the Rockies.

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Unfortunately for Holland the most comparable guy to him in the market was Wade Davis and since he signed the market has been a bit quiet on Holland. This has to lead his agent Scott Boras to consider some one year deals to get his closer right back on the market next year.

If that’s the case then it makes way too much sense for the Cardinals to sign Holland. First and foremost there is no such thing as a bad one year deal, especially for a guy who just posted 40 saves last season.

This methodology may lead to the St. Louis Cardinals being in the closer market again next offseason, but honestly, who cares? This team has had far worse options at the end of a game than a guy who has the ability to post a 40-save season.

Of course, this is all speculation. Scott Boras may still be out demanding the world for his client. That really wouldn’t shock anyone. If he is then fine. You don’t need to sign him to a long term deal but if we’re talking short term deal with a lot of upside. Pull the trigger and pull it yesterday.

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This team very well could be successful with the bullpen that is currently assembled. I have no doubt the addition of Mike Maddux will bring real change to the entire bullpen. But why not give him the best possible arsenal you can? It makes too much sense, maybe that’s why it won’t happen though…