St. Louis Cardinals: Thankful for so much at Redbird Rants

Thursday is Thanksgiving and the St. Louis Cardinals have much for which to be thankful. We at Redbird Rants have much for which to be thankful as well– our wonderful writers.

The St. Louis Cardinals, despite finishing the 2017 season on the downside of the NL-Central and missing the playoffs, have their health (relatively speaking) and have a whole new season on the horizon. At this point, the Cardinals are already in first place in the 2018 season.

Thursday (tomorrow as I write this) is Thanksgiving and as we all pause to give thanks, I would like to pause as one of the editors here at Redbird Rants to give thanks to our wonderful writers. If you don’t follow them on Twitter, you need to correct that major life mistake. If you aren’t reading their stuff, then fix that too.

I’d like to take a few moments to share some thanks and then a special recognition.

To the St. Louis Cardinals, I personally am thankful for the promised return of Jose Oquendo in 2018. From 2017, I am thankful for Jose Martinez and his surprising season (and very kind interview that he gave to me). I am thankful as well for Paul DeJong and his taking short stop from Aledmys Diaz.

And speaking of Diaz, I would be remiss if I failed to share a touch of thanks for his continual rebuild efforts in AAA. And oh how thankful I am for AAA Memphis! Stubby Clapp and his crew of outstanding coaches brought one heck of a season to the Bluff City and even grabbed that division title.

Now to our writers, we have the most outstanding team of writers with us today (but can always be better by adding YOU to our mix– just complete the site application below). Larry, Matt, Matt, Ryan, Jared, Josh, Tito, Russ, Zach, Jason, Dan, and even the editing-for-a-rival-source Trevor. These guys are wonderful writers but even better Dudes.

What you readers don’t get to see is the fun we have as a group of guys. These guys all share one large twitter chat group wherein we discuss our favorite St. Louis Cardinals team, make fun of each other, and share our lives.

But wait, if you thought I had forgotten someone from the list above in our incredible writer list, you are not incorrect. Back in October, FanSided allowed each site to submit their contributor of month. Rather than submit a name simply from Tito and me, we opened the recommendation opportunity to our writing core.

Save for his vote, Christian May-Suzuki swept the recommendations. Endorsed by me and Tito, CMS (as we lovingly call him) made the cut as the top contributor representing Redbird Rants with all the other sites. This means that CMS was one-of-a-kind among a group of 30 other MLB FanSided sites.

Congratulations to you, CMS, and thanks for being a great member of this team of writers for whom I am thankful without end.

As we all sit on Thanksgiving with full bellies and hopefully surrounded by our loved ones, let us pause and give thanks for surviving the trials and tribulations of our lives. Let us also give thanks for our beloved St. Louis Cardinals and the fantastic writers at Redbird Rants.

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On behalf of our writers here at Redbird Rants, we wish to issue our thanks to our readers. Please keep coming back and reading and we will keep providing you great material.