St. Louis Cardinals: Official Redbird Rants podcast episode 28


Join the Redbird Rants podcast crew for another LIVE episode where we talk everything and anything St. Louis Cardinals.

Tonight we are excited to bring to you episode 28 of the Official Redbird Rants podcast. after a horrendous weekend in Chicago, the St. Louis Cardinals are fighting for their playoff lives beginning tonight in Cincinnati. They will head to Pittsburgh this weekend before facing the Cubs and Brewers in their last seven games.

As always, we will broadcast this show LIVE for our audience, starting at 9:00 pm CT via our friends at Join junior editor Tito Rivera, senior editor Dr. Michael Miles, and contributor, Christian May-Suzuki for another exciting episode. If you missed last Thursday’s episode, click here.

Here is a preview of tonight’s show:

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  • St. Louis Cardinals rough weekend: reaction/thoughts/complaints
  • Thirteen games remain: Will the Cards make the playoffs?
  • Mike Matheny: Is it time to move on?

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