St. Louis Cardinals: Redbird Rants Podcast episode 8 preview


Join the Redbird Rants podcast on Monday, June 19 at 9:30 pm CST for another LIVE episode as we talk anything and everything St. Louis Cardinals.

As the St. Louis Cardinals use Monday’s off day to regroup from a series loss over the weekend to the Baltimore Orioles, the Redbird Rants podcast will be recording episode 8 live on BlogTalkRadio at 9:30 pm CST.

The Cardinals lost three of four to the Milwaukee Brewers and two of three to the Orioles after sweeping the Philadelphia Phillies last weekend. They’re back to six games below .500, which is where they were at the height of their recent seven-game losing streak.

If there’s any good news, its that the Cardinals visit Philadelphia for another three-game series against the Phillies beginning Tuesday. But rather than focusing on the upcoming series, Tito Rivera, Nathan Grime, and Trevor Hooth will take a look at both the current trends and coming months in tonight’s show. Here’s a preview of what to expect:

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  • Updating the season outlook: what is there to take away from the series losses to the Brewers and Orioles, and is a shot at the postseason slipping away?
  • Current trends: what part of the team gives you the most confidence, and what part of the team concerns you the most?
  • The Cardinals’ role at the trade deadline: how likely is it at this point that the Cardinals will go all-in as buyers? Who should they target if they are indeed buyers? If they are sellers, who on the major-league team has the most value? What prospects in the organization should be untouchable in either scenario?
  • Upcoming roster talk: what happens if/when Kolten Wong and Randal Grichuk return? Does Michael Wacha have a future in the bullpen this season? Who is the next prospect that should get the call-up?
  • Favorite MLB ballpark to visit other than Busch Stadium

To listen to the show live tonight at 9:30 pm CST, click here.

We are excited to announce that beginning this week, we will be recording twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Our podcast team has grown to six, as we have Dr. Michael D. Miles, Brendan Vogt, and Josh McDonald in addition to Tito, Nathan, and Trevor. Look for preview of Thursday’s Episode 9 coming shortly.

Now, you won’t have to wait an entire week for reaction and response to topics discussed on previous episodes.  If you missed any of our previous shows, you can find all of the episodes here.

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With no Redbirds baseball to tonight, we hope you’ll join us for another hour of discussion and debate surrounding the St. Louis Cardinals. Check us out on twitter and facebook and give us your feedback about the show! Feel free to tweet any of us @triveratops, @nategrime, or @thooth29 before, during, or after the show. We’ll see you at 9:30 pm CST!