St. Louis Cardinals: Official Redbird Rants Podcast Episode 6 Recap


Join the full podcast team as Dr. Michael Miles, Nathan Grime, Brendan Vogt, Josh McDonald, and Tito Rivera try to figure out what the St. Louis Cardinals are going to do as the Trade Deadline approaches. Don’t miss out on the action in Episode Six.

If you weren’t able to catch the live broadcast of episode six, don’t worry I have you covered. Join the entire crew for an awesome episode of the Official Redbird Rants Podcast. This week we were able to welcome back Brendan Vogt to the hosting duties, now that the NBA Finals are all but over. With him back, we tackle heavy topics about our St. Louis Cardinals.

Remember that we broadcast each episode live now on You can find an announcement via the Redbird Rants Twitter handle, @FSRedbirdRants, or any of the guys on each episode. We will also make announcement via an article for when you can’t find the link to the episode.

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Episode Six topics included:

  • The St. Louis Cardinals’ abysmal start to June: What’s the overall feeling of the team is at this point? How much do blame management, FO, or the players?
  • Trade Deadline: What are the rumors surrounding the St. Louis Cardinals now? Can the Cardinals be buyers? What do the Cardinals do as sellers?
  • Will there be backlash from trades?
  • Weekly NL Power Rankings: Who are your top five teams in the NL?

To listen to the show, click here.

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Thanks for giving us a listen. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen, and read the articles Redbird Rants puts out. Be on the look out for Episode 7 next week. At the rate the St. Louis Cardinals are going, it’s going to take some serious turn around to pick up the mood of Cardinals fans. Hopefully coming home gets them going in the right direction.