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So, you’re sitting there watching last night’s Cardinals’ game, fuming at the manager for his bullpen usage, lineup, or just upset that they were losing to the Cubs in the playoffs. You tried venting to your significant other, but they told you that “it was just a game”. You then talked to your buddies about it and they all thought you had a point or thought you were crazy and it was done, but you still didn’t feel validated and didn’t feel like anyone truly valued your opinion on the game or the team for that matter.

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Here at Redbird Rants, we value your opinion and want to give you the medium to discuss that opinion and any other opinion you may have about the Cardinals. We want you to vent, we want you to state your potentially outlandish opinion, we want you to tell others why Matt Carpenter is the best third baseman in the league, more importantly we want YOU!

We would love to see come on board and write 1-2 posts a week, and contributing to the Redbird Rants and FanSided community. You don’t have to be the best writer, the smartest fan, you just have to be passionate about your team and passionate about being a fan. A willingness to learn and grow as a fan and a writer.

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If you think you qualify and think that you are ready join an amazing sports community and a great group of writers here at Redbird Rants, then click here to apply. Also, feel free to contact me on twitter about writing for Redbird Rants and FanSided.