Big Video Board Coming to Busch Stadium?


With the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs rivalry set to resume on Sunday, fans are wondering about what Wrigley Field will look like in the future and how much the gigantic video board in left field will take away from the ambience of the park.

But the Cardinals may be about to go one better on the Cubs.

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With a need to one-up the other team in the rivalry, unconfirmed reports have the Cardinals erecting a gigantic video board in the outfield, completely blocking the views of Ballpark Village.

How is this possible? It’s not going to be easy.

A source close to the situation said the extra advertising revenue will help the Cardinals win the next 10 World Series, ensuring a decade of dominance in the Gateway to the West.

The board will dwarf the nearly 4,000-foot board in left field at Wrigley and rise seven stories, dwarfing out the views of downtown St. Louis behind the ballpark.

“We believe in going all out to please the fans,” a source close to the situation said. “This is going to be one mammoth board.”

But will it raise enough money to help the Cardinals achieve a decade of dominance?

“Hey, that team to the northeast of us thinks a few million bucks will win a World Series,” the source said. “Think of all that money we’ll be raking in!”

Are you angry about having your views blocked into the stadium? Not happy about the seven-story video board?

Relax. It’s not happening. Check your calendar.

Today is April 1. And, unlike a certain team that believes a completely gutted and redone ballpark will magically bring a title or two to Chicago (we kid, Cubs fans), Busch Stadium is good just the way it is.

Happy April Fool’s Day from co-editor Steve Ungrey at Redbird Rants.