Kolten Wong To Lead Off For St. Louis Cardinals?


Ask any member of the St. Louis Cardinals potential Opening Day line-up and they will all tell you the same thing. They will hit where ever Manager Mike Matheny pencils them in.

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This includes a guy that saw himself penciled in many different slots during the 2014 season. Yes, Kolten Wong. He is even willing to hit lead off if that’s what his skipper wants.

Wong recently told Brian Stull of STLBaseballWeekly.com,  “If that’s what Mike wants me to do, I’ll figure it out. I’ve done lead-off in some previous years–it’s definitely a different approach but it’s definitely something I’m 100% on board for.”

That’s awesome, Wong! Way to step up and be a team player.

Now, I’m not one to pontificate about line-ups. But.  I think there could be some legitimacy to this potential line-up set-up.

Think about it. This line up now has Matt Carpenter, Matt Holliday, Jason Heyward, Matt Adams, Yadier Molina and Jhonny Peralta.

That is a lot of boom.

Wong has a lot of pop. He can hit homers in big situations.

If Wong leads off then you could hit Jon Jay second and take your pick of who hits next.

Matheny says of the potential line-ups in 2015, “[Wong] could be a guy that’s in any one of those positions and do it very well, but right now we have some guys certainly with the way JJ (Jay) went about his at-bats and obviously Matt Carpenter. Now you have Jason and Holliday and Adams. We could throw Jhonny Peralta in there anywhere–you could throw Yadi in there anywhere. It’s just a great problem to have.”

Can you imagine if everyone stays healthy and hits to potential and the pitching staff is all amazing and surpasses expectations? Oh my goodness, it would just be too amazing to even handle for Cardinals Nation.

So if Wong and Jay flip flop between first and second in the line-up, or first and ninth, the pair are just the building blocks of a pretty great line up.

As Mike Matheny said, it’s a great problem to have. Pretty great problem indeed!