Michael Wacha Ready For 2015 Season


Prior to signing autographs at Winter Warm-Up this weekend in St. Louis, young pitcher Michael Wacha received an MRI on his right shoulder. The results were good and Wacha keeps improving.

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Good … no … Great news!

Wacha sustained an injury last June that kept him on the bench through September. He came back probably a little too soon. Wacha finished the 2014 season with a 3.20 ERA and a 94 strikeouts in 107 innings. He was decent. But wasn’t the Michael Wacha you expect on the mound. He pitched in the postseason when he probably shouldn’t have. His performance in the final game of the NLCS could have been an ego crusher.

Wacha has had other, better pitching performances in the postseason so, no big concerns for ego crushing. It just wasn’t pretty. At all.

That said. He’s had a few weeks to heal. I just hope he is honestly healthy.

You all know what I mean. We’ve all seen pitchers come back from injuries, telling the fans they are healthy and ready to go. Chris Carpenter? Jaime Garcia? There are others that come to mind, I’m sure! I’m just feeling a little skeptical about it all. Considering it’s Michael Wacha. And he’s such a big part of the future of this team. I just want him really healthy. That’s all. Throwing well. Keeping hitters off balance with off speed stuff. Doing Michael Wacha things.

I do feel Ok, in that this is the Cardinals we are talking about. Not the Chicago Cubs.

The Cardinals plan to have Wacha go hard and with zero limitations when Pitchers and Catchers report to Jupiter, Florida, on Feb. 19. Wacha has added that he will arrive a little early to camp to get a head start on pitching.

I know all of our eyes will be glued to social media and assorted websites to get the latest news on Wacha and the rest of the team. Fingers crossed that it’s all fantastic news and we see the Michael Wacha we’ve been hoping to see grace the mound at Busch Stadium.