Five Reasons Lance Lynn A Win For St. Louis Cardinals


The St. Louis Cardinals avoided arbitration with Lance Lynn this week with three-year contract valued at $22 million and loaded with incentives. So, let’s discuss five reasons why this is a great deal for both parties.

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* Leadership. I know this seems a little crazy just at a glance. But. Lance has been with the team in some capacity since 2011. Remember his role in the 2011 World Series? Can you hear me now? What’re you doing here! Well. He’s come a long way baby and he can be a crazy big brother type to a lot of these young guys.

* Mo Money. Mo Edge. A little to much was set last summer about Lance Lynn having that one inning where he would get out of control and have what would become known as a Lynning. Manager Mike Matheny had Lance channel that inner rage into what he could call Lance’s edge. It lead to Lance having a pretty intense focus that would allow him to be pretty great. Hopefully this nice contract will give him the incentive he needs to condition himself.

Speaking of conditioning…

* Incentive To Condition. Let’s hope this contract gives Lynn incentive to last longer through the season in addition to longer in games. He was shut down after losing some steam and we didn’t see him much. Cardio, yoga and getting back on that club chef’s diet should help him out too. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s looking like these days! According to Jenifer Langosch of, we’re pretty much going to like what we see. Lance decided to stay in St. Louis this offseason. She has reported, Lynn has been training at Busch Stadium five to six days a week and has spent his days working-out with Cardinals strength and conditioning coach Pete Prinzi.

See what I mean!

* More Wins.  I don’t know if I could get you to believe this was even possibly in May. But! Lynn is coming off his third consecutive 15-win year. The gritty young pitcher  has thrown more than 200 innings in each of the past two regular seasons. And this will really make you rub your eyes and mutter a hearty what, but … Lynn allowed two or fewer runs in 24 of his 33 starts last season. And of little surprise, he had two dozen quality starts. Woah!

* He Wants Better. This quote from Langosch’s report. Just read it. “I have to keep moving forward, always trying to get better and refining my skills,” Lynn said. “I have to avoid complacency.” Basically, Lance doesn’t want what happened at moments last season. He wants to improve. He wants to be better. He wants to be better for his team and help his team win. And that’s exactly what this team NEEDS from him.

I’m looking forward to seeing Lance bring it.