Peter Bourjos, St. Louis Cardinals avoid arbitration


St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Peter Bourjos avoided arbitration with the team Thursday by agreeing to a one-year $1.65 million deal.

Bourjos is projected to be a back-up center fielder, but could be in the mix for more time after off-season surgery to ail a nagging hip. Bourjos has taken well to rehabilitation as he’s now able to run on the treadmill without much pain, according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Derrick Goold.

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Bourjos came to the Cardinals prior to the 2014 season along with Randal Grichuk. Bourjos and Grichuk were traded from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to the Cardinals in exchange for 2011 World Series MVP and hometown favorite, David Freese.

Goold said of the Bourjos acquisition:

"The Cardinals sought Bourjos as a defensive whiz in center field with an offensive upside that could compete with Jay for playing time in center. Bourjos had a slow start to the season, and Jay took over the starting the job, finishing the season as the Cardinals’ lone .300 hitter."

So. Things didn’t really work out that way. Many believed that Bourjos had some how, some way lost favor with Manager Mike Matheny. Plus, unlike the 2013 season, Jon Jay was amazing during the 2014 season. It was a relief to fans of Jay but ultimately really disappointing to fans hoping Bourjos would be as good or better than the speedy, athletic center fielder we were hoping to find.  Also? David Freese was a favorite of many a Cardinal fan. Many a fan could be heard grumbling about Freese being given up for that guy. Yeah, may be not many a Cardinal fan! But, you get my point. It was a disappointing season for Bourjos.

So. This season can be seen as a clean slate for Bourjos. He could see really positive results from the surgery and be everything we were hoping from him and more.

Or not.

It can easily be noted that Bourjos has been on the radar for trade talks for many teams. The Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies all have interest in him.

So. This season will be interesting for Peter. Let’s hope that it’s for the Cardinals and he is better than we ever hoped!