Is Jaime Garcia Even In The Cards for St. Louis?


I think it’s pretty safe to say the Cardinals aren’t counting on Jaime Garcia being in the Cards. At all.

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Jaime is coming off a season ending thoracic outlet surgery.

He is in the final guaranteed year of a four-year, $27 million deal.

There’s a lot of talk about Max Scherzer, Cole Hamels or David Price landing in the St. Louis Cardinals’ rotation.

Jenifer Langosch recently tackled a reader’s question about Garcia, saying:

"The Cardinals would be thrilled to augment their pitching depth with Garcia’s inclusion but just don’t yet know what to expect of him in 2015. He’s coming back from a procedure (thoracic outlet surgery) that can be fickle, leaving the Cards hopeful Garcia can contribute but not dependent on it. The club should have a better feel for Garcia’s status once Spring Training starts."

Since signing that four-year deal, Garcia has been great… when he’s healthy. Unfortunately. He’s never healthy.

In 2014, the Cards had him for 7 games going 3-1 with a 4.12 ERA with 39 strikeouts … and 20 earned runs. … In seven games.

No bueno Jaime. No bueno.

The surgery that Jaime had was the same one that Chris Carpenter had before he retired.

Prior to his retirement, Chris did attempt to pitch again. It didn’t work out for him. But, Jaime is younger. And, while he’s pitched incredibly cautious when he has pitched the last few seasons, there is always a chance. Jaime could come back to Jupiter and feel incredibly great and pitch lights out for the Cardinals. And that would be unexpectedly freaking awesome. If it all works out, Garcia has a couple of option years at the end of this season.

He’s going to have to have one amazing, mind blowing season for that to transpire.

Langosch noted the team is hoping to have an idea about where Jaime is when Spring Training rolls around.

It would be great if Jaime did well and pitched like the rock star we all hoped he could be.

But let’s be honest, there’s not a chance. It was fun. But it’s time to move on.