Unscientifically Scientific: Who Will St. Louis Cardinals Make A Splash For?


Twitter was a flutter Tuesday evening with the  announcement of a rumor from FoxSports.com involving the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Tweet from Ken Rosenthal:

Upon further inspection, Rosenthal reported, “The team is exploring trades for left-handers Cole Hamels and David Price and the possibility of signing free-agent right-hander Max Scherzer, according to major-league sources.”

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Redbird Rants co-editor Daniel Solzman shared his thoughts on the rumor here.

So let’s break this down a little:

* Signing Max Scherzer: Yes, please. I’d love for this to happen. Big innings. Big strikeous. Big moments. Plus, he’s a St. Louis guy. He would pretty much be an instant fan favorite. He would be an additional very clutch arm, every fifth day. And. Like I have said, pitching is important. Having pitching is even more important.

* Trading Cole Hamels: At what cost? Ok. He’s a lefty pitcher. Teams always need that. With Jaime Garcia being really uncertain and the need for depth in the rotation, whatever cost is worth exploring. Rosenthal said, “the Cardinals likely would need to part with Carlos Martinez or Marco Gonzales as well as an outfielder such as Randal Grichuk or Stephen Piscotty (the Phillies have long coveted Peter Bourjos as well, sources say.” Bourjos, huh? You know, if all it took was Bourjos, I think we’d all say BOOM do it, Mo! But really, it is worth looking into. And I would hate to see the Cardinals lose Gonzales or Martinez. Ok, Ok… I would hate losing Gonzales more.

* Trading for David Price: A lefty Cy Young winner? Oh! Yes please! He is owed $18.9 million next season, which also happens to be his final before hitting free agency. So. The Cardinals would have to believe they could sign the Nashville, Tenn., native long term before trading any big chips for him, which is undoubtedly what it would cost to get him. Price would be an amazing get. Just an expensive one.

So with the rumor fully taking flight on Twitter, I took to CastApp.

Here’s my question:

"What deal would you like to see Mo pull off?"

Multiple choice options:

"Sign Max Scherzer Trade for Cole Hamels Sign James Shields Trade for David Price"

I felt I needed a fourth option and James Shields has been the other rumor floating about as a possible signing for the Cardinals. A good option, in my opinion. Not as sexy a move as the other three but he would be a nice addition to the rotation and a good consistent arm to throw out there every fifth day.

I got 55 responses. So, how did every one answer:

"Scherzer: 40% Hamels: 11% Shields: 20% Price: 29%"

No real surprise there! I think a lot of fans like the idea of having the local guy come home and be amazing! A Price trade is second because we all know a lefty with a Cy Young trophy on his mantle would be amazing in a Birds on the Bat jersey. It does surprise me that Hamels received very few votes.

I guess we all have our priorities with what we would like to see our favorite team do! It should be an interesting few weeks before Pitchers and Catcher Report Day!