Quick Thoughts on Hall of Fame Selections


Here’s just a few quick thoughts on the selections made for the 2015 Class of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

* John Smoltz. That’s just wonderful! One of my all time favorites for his grit. Sure, he spent most of his time with the Atlanta Braves and had a stellar career with them. But he was briefly a St. Louis Cardinal.

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* Randy Johnson. Obvious first ballot Hall of Famer. He was amazing to watch. He struck fear in the hearts of many an opposing fan. Struck fear into the heart of a bird once too. His 2001 World Series performance? Wow. The fact that he only has one World Series is also pretty wow inducing. Excited to see him get this honor!

* Craig Biggio. Bout time! As a Cardinals fan, it was so frustrating to know he was coming up in the order. He grinded out every at bat. He was the epitome of scrappy. I disliked that he was on the opposing team, especially on those mid-2000s Astros teams, but he was enjoyable to watch because you knew he loved the game.

* Pedro Martinez. One hell of a pitcher. A pitcher I hated for the Cardinals to have to face. He was just good. I enjoy him for more now with his colorful analysis for TBS during the post season.  Another obvious first ballot choice! I look forward to his speech!

* Barry Bonds. … He really got 202 votes? Really! I know … he hit all those home runs. Blah blah! But … he was using the clear and the cream and the flax seed stuff. He cheated. People voted for a cheater? If he ever gets in, they gotta let Pete Rose in. Because cheating will no longer matter, just stats … or something like that.

* Mark McGwire. You all know I love that guy. He used a performance enhancing drug and doesn’t want to talk about. He was a hell of a hitter. But there will always be that asterisk. My question though? Bonds gets 202 votes but Mac gets 55? I can’t even.

* Curt Schilling. How on earth is he not in? I hear his name and instantly remember his performance in the 2001 World Series and … I remember with the disgust of only a St. Louis Cardinal fan that bloody sock in the 2004 World Series. He was an amazing pitcher. An even more amazing post season pitcher. This was his third time on the ballot receiving 215 or a 39.2 percentage. … Maybe next year Curt. Maybe next year.

* Roger Clemens. Why. 206 votes? For a guy that lied about using performance enhancing drugs… even stooping to throw his wife under the bus as the one who was using the drugs. Stooping to throw his best friend, Andy Pettitte, under the bus for using the substance. But he didn’t do anything.  If he were to get in the Hall of Fame, ever, I would stop watching the sport. Again, if he gets in, so should Pete Rose because lying and cheating no longer matter.

* Lee Smith. Come on. He should be in the Hall of Fame. One of the best relievers in the game. Made the best facial expression on the mound. Got the job done. … It’s his 15 year on the ballot though. He received 166 votes. That’s unfortunate. Maybe the players will put him in?