Who Remains On Free Agent List, St. Louis Cardinals Radar?


In checking out Hardball Talk’s 2015 Free Agent Tracker, I see a few names that are a surprise to see still listed. I also see a few names the St. Louis Cardinals may want to … kick the tires on … to use a GM John Mozeliak – ism. Let’s take a look!

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* Max Scherzer. Yes. He’s still on the list. For whatever reason. Pitching is important. Having plenty of it is important. Adam Wainwright is great but coming off a surgery in October. Michael Wacha. Need a I say more? Kid is great but he was hurt last season. And that stunk. John Lackey has edge but isn’t getting younger. Lance Lynn. I like him but, much like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get. And then Marco Gonzales and Carlos Martinez. Definitely the future. Definitely shouldn’t be over worked like Wacha, obviously. He could be a great benefit to this team and pitching staff. Good arm. Nice leader. Nice local kid. It would be nice to have him in the jersey with the birds on the bat.

* James Shields. If Scherzer is too price, Shields is probably just a little cheaper. He is an option. Because again. Pitching is important. Having is even more important.

* Colby Rasmus. No. The Cardinals shouldn’t get him. I just find it interesting that he hasn’t been signed. Not much of a market for a center fielder with lazy tendencies and daddy issues. … I have this hope that the Arizona Diamondback sign him. I really do.

* Asdrubal Cabrera. He’s been linked to the Cardinals wish list. I don’t know if he’s a bench caliber guy or if we’re in the market for another shortstop, second or third baseman. He would be interesting. I just don’t see the fit.

* Nori Aoki. He was a notorious Cardinal killer when he was with the Brewers. He’s mostly an outfielder. Not a fit for the Cardinals, probably, but he should land some where decent. Just not in the NL Central, please!

* Francisco Rodriguez. K-Rod! That would have been enticing a few years ago. Now? Seems like a headache. Is he healthy? Would he mesh with the team? Think about that for a minute. This team will need stable, good guys this season. I don’t see that in K-Rod.

* Aaron Harang. Interesting name still on the list. I think he’d be a combo of John Lackey and Lance Lynn. He’d get the job done but you’ll be filling your cuss jar.

* Stephen Drew. Still on the list. Remember how long he was on the list last year? What’s up with this guy? Does he remind teams too much of J.D.?

* Ryan Vogelsong. Honestly? Wouldn’t mind having him as a Cardinal one little bit.

* Carlos Villanueva. Meh. I just want to know where he goes and when the Cardinals will tee off on him

* Rickie Weeks. He was on the Cardinals wish list for bench help. … Meh! He’s an option. But the team has a lot of middle infield options already.

* Phil Coke. A left handed pitcher. I would not mind seeing him as a Cardinal. Nope.

* Gaby Sanchez. Was linked to the Cardinals for bench help purposes. He was my favorite name on the list. If the Cardinals could get him that would be awesome. He has a pretty great bat. Plays first base. Bet he could be moved around some … I just think he would be interesting as a Cardinal!

There are more interesting names on this list. Let us know what you think. Do any of these names appeal to you or are the Cardinals done and ready for 2015?