A Look At The 2015 Free Agent List Through a St. Louis Cardinals Fans Eyes


I found a list of the top 150 MLB Free Agents for this offseason. It’s interesting. There are a lot of pitchers, some former Cardinals and just some interesting names. I’m going to comment on a few of the names I see on this list!

So let’s take a closer look!

1. Max Scherzer (RHP Tigers): A St. Louis native with a knack for striking batters out and loading up on the innings. He’s a pitcher that many would love to see in Cardinal red. I’d love to see that happen.

2. Jon Lester (LHP Athletics): The Cardinals have been linked to Lester in a doing due diligence kind of way. While it would be nice to have a lefty with power, he is probably way out of the Cardinals price range. He’s being linked to the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. Yuck. This just means he’s going to be way overpaid. And good for him.

5. James Shields (RHP Royals): A solid pitcher. A lot less pricey than Lester and Scherzer. For whatever reason. Maybe a comparatively down season in 2014? Maybe. A change to the National League and into a St. Louis Cardinals uniform could do him some good. Might be a cheaper option than Scherzer or Lester. Could be an interesting find.

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9. Nelson Cruz (OF-DH Orioles): Performance enhancing drug issues. He can’t play right field at Busch Stadium very well. (Remember 2011 World Series Game 6? Of course, you do!) He was mentioned as an option at one point when Jason Heyward wasn’t even on the public’s radar. Thank goodness we don’t need him.

11. Ervin Santana (RHP Braves): A pitching option. One I’m not too sold on.

12. Francisco Liriano (LHP Pirates): While a left pitcher would be nice, I don’t think so, y’all! No.

13. Melky Cabrera (OF Blue Jays): Not a need for the Cardinals. But what a name on the list. Will be interesting to see where he lands and for how much.

15. David Robertson (RHP Yankees): A nice relief option. He had 39 saves last season for the Yankees. Not really a need for the Cardinals. But, a nice option out there.

16. Brandon McCarthy (RHP Yankees): He’s a pitching option. Probably a low cost, fifth starter … I’m not sure about this guy … option.

17. Jake Peavy (RHP Giants): He has been linked to the Cardinals a lot. He would be nice to see in a Cardinals uniform. But he’s nearing the end of his career so he would have to be a low cost, couple of seasons with lots of incentives kind of option.

18. Andrew Miller (LHP Orioles): A lefty reliever would be great. But, his agent is telling teams he deserves to be a closer. Nope. Thanks though!

21. Alex Rios (OF Rangers): Not a need, but an interesting name floating about!

23. Hiroki Kuroda (RHP Yankees): He’s going to be 40 this season. His numbers are declining. I don’t know if this should be an option. But. He’s available.

24. Colby Rasmus (OF Blue Jays): … Wipe that grin off your face! Yes. Colby is a free agent! Surprised we aren’t hearing more about it really. I thank him for being the perfect trade bait to help get pieces for the 2011 World Series run. But that’s about it. With his daddy as some significant baggage, he is an option and I’d venture to say he’s one that not many will be willing to consider. Watch… he’ll probably end up with the Arizona Diamondbacks! … Ha!

35. Luke Gregerson (RHP Athletics): A low-to-middle of the road option. A former St. Louis Cardinal farm hand. I doubt he’s on the Cards radar. But still an interesting name.

36. Francisco Rodriguez (RHP Brewers): K-Rod! He’s in a decline. I’d rather we not.

37. Sergio Romo (RHP Giants): Had a couple of successful years as closer for the Giants. I think he may be in a decline. But, again. It’s an option.

41. Justin Masterson (RHP Cardinals): Really sorry Masterson didn’t work out better for the Cardinals. I’m interested to see how he improves next season.

50. Stephen Drew (SS Yankees): Not a need. But he’s the brother of J.D. Drew and I want to talk about him! I want to know why he stays on the board as a free agent for so long. It’s not like he is an awful player. … Maybe he’s a lot like his brother?

52. Carlos Villanueva (RHP Cubs): The Cardinals have always hit well off this guy. In a Cubs or Brewers uniform, it was good hitting time! We don’t need him… but we need him to get on a team that we play a lot! Come on Reds or Pirates! Or Dodgers! Or Giants!

53. Pat Neshek (RHP Cardinals): A great offseason get last season. But. A poor August-September and a streaky October earned him a slot off the Cards roster. I hope he is successful wherever he lands … in the American League!

54. Rickie Weeks (2B Brewers, 32): Ugh.

60. Joba Chamberlain (RHP Tigers, 29): A relief option.

70. Ichiro Suzuki (OF Yankees): Not a need for the Cardinals. But. It will be interesting to see where he lands or if he retires. Sounds like he still wants to play though.

71. Jonny Gomes (OF Athletics): A guy that Cardinals fans love to hate! Again, not a need for the Cards. It will be interesting to see who signs him though.

72. Josh Johnson (RHP Padres): A pitching option. He would have been great a few years ago, for sure. Now? Meh!

77. Jason Motte (RHP Cardinals): Had success with the Cards. Will always been a fan favorite. Hope he has great success … except against the Cardinals!

80. Josh Willingham (OF-DH Royals): .Retired. And thank goodness. This guy has another-Ty-Wigginton written all over him!

82. A.J. Pierzynski (C Cardinals): He redeemed himself to many a fan who thought he was nothing but a jerk. I’m a fan! He won’t be back with the Cardinals but I’m interested to see where he lands. With another team or in the broadcast booth!

97. John Axford (RHP Pirates): Thanks for helping the Cardinals in 2013. Hope he lands some place where he can be successful.

98. Chris Capuano (LHP Yankees): An older left option.

106. Phil Coke (LHP Tigers): A lefty option.

115. Mark Ellis (2B Cardinals, 37): Bye!

121. Ryan Ludwick (OF Reds): Not a need. But someone Cardinal fans still admire. Will be interesting to see where he lands.

124. Chris Perez (RHP Dodgers, 29): Aren’t you all glad we got rid of this guy? He’s been a mess. Good luck, dude. Colorado or Washington might be a good option for him…

135. Gerald Laird (C Braves): A former Cardinal I thought I would show you. He’s aging. And he’s a catcher.

139. Wandy Rodriguez (LHP): When he was with the Astros early in his career, I would have loved for the Cardinals to try to get him. Now? I hope not! Good luck dude!

141. Jason Marquis (RHP): If and when he signs, this will be his umpteenth team. Seriously, y’all! He thinks he’s awesome. Reality suggests he’s not. A great guy and an even better Dad. Good luck to him.

142. Dan Uggla (2B FA): Thank goodness the Cardinals don’t need a second baseman. He was supposed to be great but he’s a real bust!

146. Rafael Furcal (2B-SS Marlins): Probably about time for retirement. Hope he has a Happy Flight to a team that could use him off the bench!