Five Thoughts For NLCS Game 2


The St. Louis Cardinals performance in Game 1 of the NLCS was awful, ugly and not something I ever want to see from my favorite baseball team ever again. It’s something we saw far too often this summer. I was sick of it then and I find it worse now that they are playing in games that really matter.

Thankfully this is a seven game series. The Cardinals have a chance to tie the series up before going to San Francisco. Here are five thoughts going into tonight’s game!

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1. May Lance Lynn Get A Win! This means his ‘edge’ is in check and he pitches like the Lance Lynn we all enjoying watching. He’s fully capable of this and if he can do this and get some run support it would be even better. Plus? The further he can go into this game, the better it will be on the bullpen. Granted they have had some rest, but after Shelby Miller and Adam Wainright’s outings, they have been used and it would be nice not to have to use them so much.

2. Marco Gonzales needs a rest. He pitched an inning and a third Saturday. He was used a lot during the NLDS … he was 2-0 during that time. He’s 22 and has one hell of an arm. Remember, he’s a huge piece of this team long-term. Michael Wacha, also a huge piece of the future, is an option out of the bullpen too. Both may have to be a starting option later in the series.

3. Lineup Change Must Be Made. Manager Mike Matheny likes tweaking lineups around and I’m fully ok with him doing that today. The lineup that worked against the Los Angeles Dodgers doesn’t seem to be working against the San Francisco Giants. Move Jhonny Peralta around. Move Yadi or Matt Holliday. Maybe bench Randal Grichuk. He’s young and could use a break. Start Peter Bourjos and move Jon Jay over to right. Or? Keep Jay at center and give Oscar Taveras a shot. There are so many options.

4. Matt Carpenter needs to shake it off. I’m not sorry at all if that Taylor Swift song is in your head now! He had a bad day in the field Saturday. BAD! Shake it off and return to form.

5. May Jhonny Peralta Do Awesome Things With A Bat. He’s fully capable. He just needs to do it. A lot.

Bonus Thought. As much as I love Adam Wainwright, he is not healthy right now. Waino’s last two starts have been less than stellar. We all know he can do better. This is the playoffs. Waino needs to be bueno. MUY bueno, even. And he just is not right now. I don’t know if he can be counted on for another game. … I hope he can and does prove me wrong.

The game is on Fox Sports 1 at 7 p.m. Central.