NLDS Roster Leaves Little To Complain About


That’s right! The St. Louis Cardinals National League Division Series [NLDS] roster. I have no complaints. I actually have some praise!

Here’s what I am liking:

* Yes Pete Kozma. No Mark Ellis. I’m so happy about this, I could cry! No really! I’ve never been real happy with the acquisition of Mark Ellis. I especially disliked the thought that this move was somehow genius of GM John Mozeliak. That is a misuse of the word genius. And that’s wrong. But I have always enjoyed Pete Kozma. I like his hustle. And. He’s proven over the past couple of years, that he CAN come up big for this team. Ellis never did. I’m glad Mo and Manager Mike Matheny are giving him a shot to bolster the bench.

* Five Outfielders! Oscar Taveras and Randal Grichuk will both get shots in the outfield. Debate settled on that one! Peter Bourjos and Jon Jay too! Boom! And of course, Matt Holliday. Of course! Whoever plays or whoever stays on the bench, it’s good! I just didn’t want to see either of the five left off because they all have their importance.

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* No Jason Motte. Let’s be honest. He hasn’t been great this season. He’s coming off Tommy John surgery. And he’s still recovering. It’s good that they are shutting it down. More rest will be good for him.

* Marco Gonzales and Michael Wacha in the Bullpen. They will be starters in future postseason rosters. They will be great out of the pen this year.

* No Justin Masterson or A.J. Pierzynski. Both seemed to be good, positive guys. Neither were particularly productive though. I’m a little sad about that for them, but I get it.

So, I am pleased with this roster. What do you think? Comment!