May Waino Be Bueno; St. Louis Cardinals Look To Clinch Today


The St. Louis Cardinals are still looking to clinch the NL Central title today as they put their ace, Adam Wainwright, on the mound. No big deal.

Let’s talk a little about this game!

* It’s a must-win game. No pressure guys. I really don’t like having to cheer for Johnny Cueto and the Cincinnati Reds. But? We’re basically being forced to do just that today. Cueto and the Reds defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates before the Cardinals even take the field against the D-Backs this afternoon would be pretty great. … We’ll see!

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* Adam Wainwright. This is very much his ideal situation. That swagger on the mound. That 12-6 curve just dropping. His chemistry with Yadier Molina. Everything you love about Waino must be on today. And, Waino knows that and I believe we will be able to count on seeing this from him today. It will be glorious. He will win his 21 game today.

* Forget Saturday’s Game. That was one awful, frustrating game. Randal Grichuk had some good moments. But, Mark Ellis started at second. Lance Lynn had a kind of reemergence of the “Lynning”. Seth Maness forgot he was a relief pitcher for the Cardinals. Matt Holliday had to leave the game with flu like symptoms. Matt Carpenter and Matt Adams still seem off from their bouts with the flu. Forget about it. Today’s more important. Remember that.

* May The Offense Score 10 Runs. You think I’m kidding, right? Well. Maybe I am! Scoring more than two runs is really important. And that or less has been a trend lately. We know these guys can step up and hit lights out. They know the urgency of today. They know what they need to do. Hit the ball where they aren’t. A lot.

* Here’s The Kicker. A win today means no tiebreaker game with Pittsburgh tomorrow. The Cardinals would rather not. Win today. Play LA on Friday. That’s what they want. That’s what needs to happen. Today.

* Go Cards. Win. Just. Win.