St. Louis Cardinals Trade Rumors Tuesday: Jon Lester and Cole Hamels


Cole Hamels and Jon Lester are among the names being linked to the St. Louis Cardinals as the trade rumors grow louder until the July 31st trading deadline.

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CSNNE Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam reports that the Cardinals are amongst the teams that have contacted the Boston Red Sox about pitcher Jon Lester. McAdam writes that it would take “a premium prospect” such as an Oscar Taveras to acquire Lester. Lester is a free agent following the 2014 season so the Red Sox want to maximize the return that they can get for Lester. Would it be worth it for the Cardinals to trade a prospect such as Taveras for Lester when Lester may not even resign withe the club?

On the David Price front, with the Tampa Bay Rays back in the postseason race, he is unlikely to be dealt before the trading deadline. Price would look amazing in a Cardinals uniform but it would cost a huge price to land the Rays lefty.

Fox Sports insider Jon Morosi tweets that the Cardinals or Los Angeles Dodgers have the best chance at acquiring the Phillies ace.

ESPN senior writer Jayson Stark writes:

"Teams continue to ask the Phillies about Cole Hamels, and report that A) they will listen but B) the price is astronomical. Hamels has four years left on his contract after this season, at $22.5 million a year. And the Phillies have told teams they’re willing to take on $10 million of that. But that still means any team dealing for him would be on the hook for $20 million a year. And given that, one AL executive said, the asking price is “just not realistic.” While clubs basically look at Hamels as a guy the Phillies clearly don’t want to trade, they remain frustrated that the Phillies don’t factor in all the money that would be assumed when they ask for every team’s top three or four young players. “That has to count for something,” the exec said, “if you’re assuming all that salary. But Ruben wants his doors blown off in order to trade him. And you don’t get your doors blown off if this kind of money is attached. It doesn’t work that way.”"

While the Phillies are willing to take on $10 million of Hamels’ salary, they are asking a lot in return. The Cardinals are amongst a total of nine teams that Hamels cannot block a trade.