These are the 5 most likely Cardinals to be traded

The Cardinals can go a bunch of different directions at this year's trade deadline, but these five names seem very likely to be dealt
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
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These 5 St. Louis Cardinals are the most likely to be traded by this trade deadline

There is not a whole lot of excitement currently in Cardinals Nation. We have the London Series underway which brings the team onto the national and global stage. With the current state of the organization, this might not be a good thing. But one thing for sure is the talent on the field will be on full display. Other teams will be keeping a close eye on the games to see if any players catch their attention. Trade season is around the corner and the stove is pre-heated. Here are five St. Louis Cardinals players that are most likely to be traded for an impending reset for the organization:

Jack Flaherty

Jack Flaherty is slowly working to get back to his 2019 self. The pitching staff as a whole has been subpar for the Cardinals, but Jack has shown promise to get back to where he once was. He is still trying to control his high walk rate, but he is missing barrels when in control. The problem with Jack is keeping control, as batters are showing high xBA against him. Once he gets his confidence back, he will be controlling the pace of the game.

With 2023 being the last year before he hits FA, do the Cardinals keep giving Jack a shot to return to his former self? They can attempt to sign him long-term, but knowing his injury history and the underlying data going against him, it is best to shop Jack at the trade deadline. Not many teams are offering SP and desperate teams pushing to contend for the postseason will overpay significantly for SP. The perfect fit for Jack Flaherty is a return home to LA. The Dodgers are needing to replace injured arms to stay in the race, and they have rolled the dice on pitchers looking for a resurgence.