The St. Louis Cardinals will wear these vintage uniforms for the Rickwood Field game

It's about time Major League Baseball had some great uniforms for the 2024 season.
Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners - Game One
Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners - Game One / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Major League Baseball uniforms have been nothing short of a debacle this year. According to fans, even the St. Louis Cardinals' City Connect uniforms underwhelmed. Today, the Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants received good uniform news. Both teams will wear tribute Negro League uniforms that represent the St. Louis Stars and the San Francisco Sea Lions for the Field of Dreams game on June 20th, held at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama. 

The St. Louis Stars became one of the premier teams after the Negro National League formed in 1920. The Stars captured three Negro National League pennants in 1928, 1930, and 1931. The San Francisco Sea Lions played for one season in the West Coast Baseball League before they disbanded after the 1946 baseball season. 

The recognition of Negro League baseball was a task Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball started in 2020. This year, Negro League baseball statistics were officially incorporated into Major League Baseball statistics. This means St. Louis Stars legends such as Cool Papa Bell, Mule Suttles, and Willie Wells now have their accomplishments ranked alongside Cardinals' legends Dizzy Dean and Stan Musial.

Both franchises previously wore these uniforms. The Giants wore their Sea Lions uniforms last season on African-American Heritage Day against the Atlanta Braves and in previous games. The St. Louis Cardinals wore these uniforms two years ago, in September 2022. 

As bad as teams' uniforms have been this year, and they have been poor, this announcement is a step in the right direction. These uniforms are an excellent tribute to the great Negro Leagues ballplayers whose talent and accomplishments equaled the Major Leaguers of their times. The Field of Dreams game at historic Rickwood Field, where the famed Birmingham Black Barons played, looks like a great time.