Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' uniforms now that their City Connect has dropped

With the release of the Cardinals' City Connect Uniforms, the team now has a total of 5 jersey sets. Which is the best?
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
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The St. Louis Cardinals are the 26th team in MLB to receive a City Connect jersey compliments of Nike. This completes their "four plus one" collection that Nike uses for each organization. In order to assist with production complications, Nike is limiting teams to just 4 jerseys of their own choice plus a City Connect design.

"They [Nike] have come to all the clubs and said, ‘We really want to sort of streamline uniforms.’ So there’s a model out there that they want to stick to called ‘four plus one.'"

Bill DeWitt III

The Cardinals have their typical home white jerseys, road grays (sometimes with a navy hat), their "Fauxback" Creams, Victory Blues, and lastly City Connect jerseys. With the dropping of their red spring training jerseys, the Cardinals were able to make room for their City Connects. While they only boast 5 jerseys, the various hat and uniform combinations for the Cardinals make for a total of 7 amalgamations to choose from.

I figured it would be a fun -- and controversial -- exercise to rank these uniform sets. Please remember I'm a humble human being with simple tastes. These are my opinions in rankings, but hopefully a healthy dialogue and debate will ensue.

Redbird Rants' site editor Josh Jacobs did this exercise a few years back, but the introduction of the City Connect jerseys have allowed the conversation to be re-opened.

5. Road grays

These are not bad uniforms by any means. They are a simple design with the classic Birds on the Bat and red "Cardinals" script on the front. The jerseys are typically paired with a red hat, but occasionally the team will wear navy blue hats when their opponent wears red. The grays paired with navy hats made this a tough choice, as that color combination is attractive.

The road gray jerseys are still aesthetically pleasing, but they aren't flashy enough to outrank the others on this list. The logo on the front of the jersey has been around since 1999.

As far as fifth jerseys go for a team, the road grays are among the best in baseball, but they don't stand up to the other 4 that the organization boasts. Personally, I'm a fan of specialty uniforms, so I will place the generic road grays last on this list.