St. Louis Cardinals' father-son duos

On Father's Day, I wanted to look back on the father-son duos who were a part of St. Louis Cardinals' history.
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Father's Day is a special day for many people. For fathers themselves, this day brings to light the importance of their children and their role as model in the family. For children, it's a day to show appreciation to the men in their lives who have impacted them greatly.

Each year, Major League Baseball honors this day in a special way. Teams release specialty hats, the league organizes donations for prostate cancer research, and blue accessories are donned by players, coaches, and umpires alike during games. For many of these players, their love for baseball started with playing catch in the backyard with their dad.

There have been plenty of wholesome dad moments on this day in St. Louis Cardinals' history; from Nolan Arenado hitting a home run last year after the birth of his first child to Joe Buck recalling his dad's death just a few days after Father's Day in 2022, the day has meant a lot for the franchise.

Several father-son pairings have played for the Cardinals across a variety of eras. While none of these duos played together, the fact that they played for the same organization is unique.

Here are 7 father-son duos who have played or been a part of St. Louis Cardinals' history.

The Buck Family

This one may be the most obvious. Jack Buck is one of the most recognizable voices in St. Louis Cardinals' history. He was with the organization for a total of 47 years starting in 1954 when he became the team's radio play-by-play host. Buck is known for some of the most magical calls in the history of baseball, and Cardinal fans were graced with his voice for almost half of a century.

Buck's son, Joe, never worked directly and solely with the Cardinals like his father did. Rather, Joe Buck was a national sportscaster for networks such as Fox and ESPN. However, the younger Buck was able to announce several Cardinals' playoff games during his tenure, including the 2011 World Series where he paid homage to his father in game 6. Joe Buck even joined Chip Caray this season to be in the booth and pay tribute to their ancestors who announced Cardinal games together.

The Buck family is synonymous with baseball and the Cardinals. Both have been able to root for their hometown team from the booth.