Oliver Marmol has the Cardinals off to a questionable start due to poor decisions

The first series is officially over and the Cardinals skipper is back to his mysterious ways
St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies
St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The 2024 MLB season is underway and the St. Louis Cardinals have finally ended their four game challenge with the behemoth that is the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Cardinals finished 1-3 which normally is not a good outcome for any series, but consider it a win for the Cardinals.

After the 2023 season of utter disappointment, the Cardinals played the Dodgers close and should have split the series. The innings eaters did not go as long as planned which resulted in the bullpen to be utilized early on to stay in the games. The offense lacked overall production and the bullpen became taxed towards the end of game four. Hence why John King was pitching the same day he took a plane ride to LA and then proceeded to let Max Muncy drop the mic on him.

But the bigger concern is how the lineups were constructed by manager Oliver Marmol. From what was indicated all spring training and even in the off-season, the starting 9 was set in stone. The starting rotation was set in stone. The bullpen had 2-3 spots open to win during camp, but the rest was set in stone. The bench was a rotation of remaining depth and veteran clubhouse leaders who were not expected to much of a factor on the playing field. Injuries happen, and it currently plagues the opening day roster. But by game three, we already have starters being rested. Oliver Marmol benched Jordan Walker, Masyn Winn, and Willson Contreras which was later stated because of scheduled off-days.

GIven how well Ivan Herrea has developed at the plate and with his framing, it is expected for him to split reps with Contreras. Especially with how Marmol and the front office already handled Contreas and his ability to be a catcher. But by game three in the regular season, Matt Carpenter and Brandon Crawford are getting starts. If the organization is set on letting their young talented players have the opportunity to become established big leaguers, then why are the two biggest young stars being benched after two games??? If it is due to inexperience and they need more reassurance from their lineup, then why didn't they address this issue in the off-season?

Marmol''s reasoning for giving these players rest days is due to them playing in over 30 straight games during Spring Training. Well if that's hindering your players stamina, then maybe save their energy for the regular season? The Cardinals are in a desperate position to start the season off strong given the pressure amounted from their terrible 2023 season. When you start your season off against the biggest juggernaut in baseball in the Dodgers, you want all hands on deck to put yourself in the best position to win. But instead, Marmol is worried about burning out his players, when they are 20 year old prospects who are more than capable of withstanding a full season of play.

It is very early in the season and it is premature to make judgments for the entire outcome of how the season will transpire. But with how last season went, many fans feel the right to judge the decision making of this organization. The front office made very questionable moves by signing many veteran players who are not impact players anymore. So far it is working in their favor. But extending Marmol after the 2023 fiasco is another questionable move. We are not even done with the second series of the season and Marmol is making questionable managing decisions. Hopefully this is just an overexcretion.