Joe Buck set to call a Cardinals game, and the opponent brings even more nostalgia

Almost thirteen years after Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, Joe Buck is set to call a game against the Cardinals and Rangers.
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Back on May 24th, the St. Louis Cardinals were set to take on the Chicago Cubs at home for the first time during the 2024 season, and something special was set to happen that Friday night. While much of the festivities that week were leading up to the debut of their City Connect uniforms on Saturday, Friday night's game was set to pay homage to baseball history by reuniting the Buck/Caray families for an iconic broadcast.

Joe Buck, who now works for ESPN and is mostly featured on Monday Night Football with Troy Aikman, was set to make his return to calling Major League Baseball by sitting next to Cardinal broadcaster Chip Caray, the first Major League game he would have in years and the first time he would have done so for the Cardinals' broadcast team since 2007.

On top of Buck's own roots with St. Louis, it was incredibly special to relive the memories of Jack Buck and Harry Caray, who called games for the Cardinals in the 1950s and 1960s together, and now their son and grandson were in the booth together at last.

Unfortunately, the game was rained out, so after some time of celebrating the Buck/Caray legacy, the broadcast finished before the game had even started. Even so, Cardinals fans seemed to have a blast witnessing the duo in action, and there was hope from all sides that a new date could be found.

Now, it has.

Joe Buck is set to return to the Cardinals broadcast booth against the team where his most iconic call game against

Joe Buck is tentatively scheduled to join Chip Caray in the booth on July 29th against the Texas Rangers, just a few days before he is set to begin his NFL schedule this year.

I don't have to remind any Cardinals fans about the iconic call Buck made in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series between the Cardinals and Rangers.

Almost thirteen years later, Buck will once again call and Cardinals-Rangers game, and if we've learned anything about the magic of baseball, there'll probably be some moments during this year's contest that bring us back to that iconic day in 2011. Obviously nothing can match the stakes of that game or the moment it has in baseball history, but it will be incredible to have Buck's return to actually calling a Cardinals game happen against the Rangers of all teams.

During the rain-delayed broadcast, Buck actually revealed the inspiration for his iconic call back in 2011, which paid homage to a call his own father had made during Kirby Puckett's Game 6 walk-off homer exactly 20 years earlier. Considering how much fun that broadcast was, I imagine it will be even sweeter for fans to hear him call an actual game this time (fingers crossed!).