3 prospects the St. Louis Cardinals should be concerned about

With the Cardinals' new-look farm system, there are some prospects slipping down the prospect chain.
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After being sellers at the trade deadline for the first time in what felt like an eternity, the Cardinals' top prospect list has been refreshed with some brand-new faces.

MLB.com has updated all 30 teams' top 30 prospect lists as the draft and trade deadline have since passed. There are several repeats from the top 30 list from 2022 including Masyn Winn and Tink Hence taking the top 2 spots. This year's draft picks Chase Davis ( #3 prospect) Travis Honeyman ( #11) and Quinn Matthews ( #23) cracked the list right away. Six players that were acquired in trades at the deadline are on the list, led by Tekoah Roby at number 5. And there is a handful of players who have been in the Cardinals minor league system for multiple seasons but are now on the top prospect list for the first time, that group is led by speedy outfielder Victor Scott II.

Also on the list are players that scouts remain high on, but have not developed the way scouts or the organization were expecting in 2023. Some players have dropped down on the top 30 prospect list, Michael McGreevy fell from #8 to #12, Luken Baker fell from #17 to #19, and there are 6 players who were on the top prospect list in '22 but are not in '23.

Some of this is due to the fact that the Cardinals traded for prospects at the deadline this year which naturally dropped some players out, however, that doesn't mean that the prospects that went down are having bad seasons, Luken Baker is the prime example of that.But there are a few players who had a significant fall in their prospect ranking, and a significant fall in their play in 2023 that the Cardinals organization should be concerned about.

Three prospects the Cardinals should be concerned about