2023 St. Louis Cardinals player grades: The Starting Nine

With the 2023 MLB officially over, it is time to analyze each player's season with the St. Louis Cardinals
Oakland Athletics v St. Louis Cardinals
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We are finally here! The end of what is regarded as the worst St. Louis Cardinals season in over 30 years. Many fans have not experienced a time like this and are happy that it is over. Every Cardinals fan has already turned the page and is looking forward to the 2024 season. Before we let you turn the final page, let's look over every player's season and grade them. Let's start with the starting nine (with DH).

C Willson Contreras:

Willson Contreras arguably had the most interesting season of his career in 2023. From being blamed for the pitching woes of a detrimental staff, to being considered an outfielder going forward in the future, to raking all season and being slept on. One thing is for certain: Contreras can face adversity better than anyone. He welcomes the challenges and turns them into big moments. He played as advertised and only the front office is to blame for not pursuing an option better fit for them.

Overall Grade: B

1B Paul Goldschmidt:

Short-term memory fans will tell you that Paul Goldschmidt is washed and should’ve been traded at the deadline. But why??? He was not his MVP self from 2022, but how do you expect him to repeat that? Goldy has a good season with a slash line of .268/.363/.447 (.810 OPS, 120 OPS+). He has played in over 90% of the games this year and has accumulated a 3.4 WAR. Did he have stretches of questionable ABs? Yes for sure he did. But he has had month droughts multiple times in his career which is corrected by months of tormenting pitchers. It is just the player he is, and you just have to accept that.

Overall Grade: B