St. Louis Cardinals: A new lease on life for the Birds

SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 7: St. Louis Cardinals players point out from the dugout after Breyvic Valera
SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 7: St. Louis Cardinals players point out from the dugout after Breyvic Valera /

The St. Louis Cardinals look to still be in the hunt for a playoff spot. After the season has been over three or four times, this team may have yet another lease on life.

The St. Louis Cardinals, somehow, some way, still have life. After getting swept by the Chicago Cubs in what can only be described as an ugly, ugly series, it was assumed the season was over. The Cardinals- much like global warming deniers- just won’t go away.

Thanks to a come-from- behind win against the Cincinnati Reds to start the series, the Cardinals are still in striking distance of the second Wild Card spot.

Tuesday night, the San Francisco Giants did something they haven’t been known for, scoring runs. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal to St. Louis Cardinals fans but they scored those runs against the Colorado Rockies. Thanks to Dexter Fowler’s heroics and the Giants win, the Cardinals sit just 3.5 games out of a potential playoff spot. The team that just won’t die ladies and gentlemen, your St. Louis Cardinals.

The resilience of this team is something to admire. The youth that we have seen make its way to St. Louis has had a very big part of that. No matter the blows this team is dealt, they continue to battle. Whether it is by grit and determination or a bit of luck, thanks to other teams struggling, this is where we are. Still, not quite out of it.

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The Cardinals have had a knack for getting their fans’ hopes up this season. The Cardinals will find themselves playing amazing ball, winning series after series, then when wins are most needed, we see a regression to the mean. After winning four straight series and finding themselves in the middle of what could be an epic battle for the division, the team lays an egg.

Getting manhandled in Chicago seemed like it was the end of this season and maybe it should have been.

The St. Louis Cardinals have four series left before the end of the year. They are currently in Cincinnati finishing a three-game set, followed by another three-game set in Pittsburgh, all very winnable games. If this team can handle business against the teams they are supposed to beat, that could set up an interesting finish.

The final two series of the season will be played at home, against the rival Cubs and the other team the Cardinals look up to in the standings, the Milwaukee Brewers. If the Cardinals don’t fall flat on their face against the Cubs again, they could control their own destiny in the final series of the season. This is obviously dependent on the Rockies also taking a few L’s over the next two weeks.

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No matter the outcome, you can’t say this team gave up. You can say they were poorly managed. You can say they may not have had the talent, but like that one friend you can’t seem to get rid of, they have hung around far longer than expected.