St. Louis Cardinals: Official Redbird Rants podcast episode 24


Join the Redbird Rants podcast crew for another LIVE episode of the podcast where we talk everything and anything St. Louis Cardinals.

After another brief break from podcasting, the guys at Redbird Rants decided to make a few tweaks to help bring news about the St. Louis Cardinals to you. Previously, we decided to switch to one episode per week for a longer period of time. However, we  are reverting back two episodes a week.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will have a LIVE show going on through BlogTalkRadio. On Tuesdays, expect a recap of the weekend series and some other St. Louis Cardinals’ news as it comes out. On Thursdays, expect a look at the week as it is happening and other Cardinals’ news as well.

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The only difference between the two is lengths of each episode. On Tuesdays, the episode will be approximately forty-five minutes long. But on Thursdays, we will have our round table discussion for about an hour and a half. As I said, both episodes will be broadcast live for everyone to hear. It will also be available to you after the show as well on ITunes or through this article.

Here is a little preview of tonight’s show:

  • Roster shake-ups: Mike Leake trade, call-ups, and injuries
  • Division and Wild Card race: updates and magic numbers
  • Mike Leake trade significance
  • Future of the St. Louis Cardinals: playing for 2017 or 2018?

To listen to the episode, check out the link below.

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If you have missed any of our previous shows, please check us out below.

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Make sure to tune in TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, for our next episode of the Official Redbird Rants Podcast. Remember, we broadcast our episodes LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday for listeners and readers. Don’t miss out on any of the action this Tuesday!