St. Louis Cardinals: Redbird Rants podcast episode 19 recap


The trade deadline has come and gone, and the St. Louis Cardinals elected to pass on any moves today, leaving many wondering what is to come next.

As the St. Louis Cardinals continue their series with the Brewers, after a 3-2 loss last night, the Redbird Rants’ podcast crew is excited to bring you episode nineteen. We are a couple of days past the trade deadline, and still many are wondering what is to come of the team in the next couple of months.

On Sunday and Monday, we broadcast live specials leading up to the trade deadline at 3:00 pm on Monday. Join host Tito Rivera and contributors, Josh McDonald and Trevor Hooth, as they discussed the day that wasn’t for the St. Louis Cardinals and Cardinal Nation.

Here is a little recap of the discussion:

More from Redbird Rants

  • Initial reaction to the day
  • A look at today’s trade around the league, pertinent to the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Winners from today’s trades?
  • Total failure on the front office or just as expected?
  • Individual names on the block: Lance Lynn, Tommy Pham, Randal Grichuk, others?
  • Mozeliak’s comments after the deadline passed: What message is he sending?
  • Questions by fans!

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