St. Louis Cardinals: Spring Training Approaches- YAY!


The countdown to Spring Training cuts shorter and shorter each day and that means that St. Louis Cardinals baseball is just right around the corner.

As of today- Saturday, February 4- the countdown to Spring Training sits at mere single digit and minimal double-digit counts. As of today, we fans need only wait nine days until the St. Louis Cardinals pitchers and catchers report.

After these nine days pass, we fans will be allowed to see videos of the likes of Alex Reyes and Adam Wainwright and the newly-extended Carlos Martinez hurling pitches to the likes of Yadier Molina, Carson Kelly, and Eric Fryer. Excited much? I know I am.

After a few days of released videos, we fans will start to read news of the arrivals of everyday players such as Matt Carpenter, slimmed-down Matt Adams (see Joey’s recent article for more on this), and the new Dexter Fowler. These, and the day for the reporting of everyday players, will occur some twelve days from today.

Then- not even a month away- after several days of warm-ups, released photographs of Mike Matheny resting on a baseball bat in the middle of the infield, and occasional player interviews, we fans will be graced with the first game of Spring Training. The St. Louis Cardinals are slated to face their facility mates, the Miami Marlins. This will take place twenty-one days from today.

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Before sharing with you the details of the on-air broadcasts of spring training games, let me also share that as of today the 2017 season is a mere fifty-seven days away. To me, fifty-seven days sounds like a lifetime but it will pass quickly in light of the above-mentioned timelines. Let’s get this thing started already, right?

Let me now share with you the excitement of broadcast games this spring. Last season, we fans were gifted with the opportunity to see many spring training games on FS Midwest. The network had completed a new contract with the St. Louis Cardinals which guaranteed numerous early broadcasts. This pattern continues this season as well.

Here’s the list of spring training games to be broadcast, including those on networks other than FS Midwest:

  • 2/25 – St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins – 12:05pm CST – FS Midwest (FSMW)
  • 2/26 – Marlins at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/4 – Washington Nationals at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/6 – Cardinals at Minnesota Twins – 12:05pm CST – FS Network (FSN)
  • 3/7 – Marlins at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/8 – Nationals at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/9 – Houston Astros at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/11 – Atlanta Braves at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/12 – Cardinals at Marlins – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/13 – Astros at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/15 – Cardinals at Twins – 12:05pm CST – FSMW/FSN
  • 3/16 – Twins at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSN/FSMW
  • 3/18 – New York Mets at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/19 – Cardinals at Braves – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/25 – Cardinals at Marlins – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/26 – Marlins at Cardinals – 12:05pm CST – FSMW
  • 3/27 – Cardinals at Astros – 5:05pm CST – Root Sports Southwest (should you have this channel)
  • 3/28 – Cardinals at Mets – 12:10pm CST – ESPN

There you have them. Mark your calendars. Get excited. I know I am.

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I am very excited and need these short stints to pass quickly. How about you? Are you excited to see the Cardinals return to action? Let us known on Twitter and thanks for reading. Stay with us for more information as the spring approaches!