St. Louis Cardinals: Tyler Lyons has value in the bullpen


Forget the LOOGY and take the value St. Louis Cardinals. The bullpen arrangement should include a certain #70.

St. Louis Cardinals lefthander Tyler Lyons isn’t exactly running out of time but he is out of options. When it comes to the arrangement of the 2016 bullpen, Lyons should be a part of it. Over the course of his three seasons, Lyons has shown more value in the bullpen than he has as a starter.

I don’t care what he did in Memphis. There’s a long list of pitchers who dazzled at AAA and Anthony Reyes is on it. The 28 year old Lubbock, Texas native needs to finally be given a role on this team or sent away so another team can properly put him to work.

For his career, Lyons has started 20 games across three seasons. Some have been good. Some have been bad. Others worse.

In 20 starts, Lyons’ ERA is 5.20 with a 1.35 WHIP(average hits and walks per inning). He’s allowed 15 home runs in 107. 1 innings. Not good.

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In 42.1 innings out of the bullpen, Lyons’ ERA is 1.91. Sure, earned run average is a weak stat for a reliever but the contrast is worth it. He’s allowed six home runs but he’s also got 44 strikeouts against only eight walks. His WHIP is a filthy 0.8. Lyons is clearly a better reliever at the pro level.

He will never get a full season of starts with the Cardinals. If someone got hurt, the team would install him until another arm was ready or they would acquire an arm. General Manager John Mozeliak and manager Mike Matheny don’t see the highest value in his starts. By now, the Lyons bullpen value is as crisp as bacon on a Sunday morning. Let’s stop messing around and make this happen.

With no offense to the talented Dean Kiekhefer (who may find the Cards in 2016 anyway), Lyons deserves the LHP spot behind Kevin Siegrist in the opening day roster. Unless he forgets how to get guys out this spring, Lyons should make the team.

He can slip right into the Carlos Villanueva role but be better. He can save a starter in the 3rd inning or provide a bridge to the 7th. He can soak up extra innings if needed. The man is versatile and that deserves recognition on this team full of flame throwing bullpen bodies.

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With Lyons as the rubber band, the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals bullpen may be the strongest part of this championship contending team.

What do you think the team should do with Lyons?