St. Louis Cardinals: Kolten Wong the highlight of Cardinals’ Caravan


The St. Louis Cardinals’ Caravan was a big hit with myself and other Cardinals’ fans this past weekend.

The St. Louis Cardinals’ Caravan is always one of my favorite events of the year. It gives fans who may not live close to St. Louis the chance to see various Cardinals players, alumni, and prospects.

This year, as I try to do most every year, I attended the caravan that stopped in my hometown of Moberly. It turned out to be another successful event and one I will never forget.

The featured player in attendance was Kolten Wong who came with a supporting cast of Tyler Lyons, Dean Anna, Jacob Wilson, and the emcee was Kyle McClellan. McClellan was replacing John Rooney as emcee who couldn’t make it due to a death in the family but he still did a stellar job.

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Of course it wouldn’t be the Cardinals Caravan without a little bashing of those Cubbies as became evident early. McClellan acknowledged that the Cubs were a better team and about every media outlet is picking them to win it all this year.

Then he mentioned the 2011 World Series ring he was wearing, specially made with the Cardinals logo. He then guaranteed that no one in the building had ever seen a World Series ring with a Cubs logo on it.

It was nice hearing what guys like Dean Anna and Jacob Wilson had to say about their progress up the Cardinals organization. One fan asked what a typical day looked like for Anna which was interesting to hear. The highlight of the fan questions was one fan’s question to Kolten Wong. What do you think about Jason Heyward’s move?

After a little laugh Wong made it known that he wasn’t too big of a fan of the move. He mentioned how Heyward was a good friend of his and he had been pushing all offseason to keep him in red.

Once Heyward made the move and tried to text Wong he never answered. Eventually he called him and Wong said he didn’t really want to speak with him. Got a lot of cheers from the audience. Wong would say that he did wish Heyward the best and good luck this year. But also said very frankly that he wouldn’t have any luck against the Cardinals this year.

Probably the highlight of my entire day came before the program started when I had a chance to meet the players before hand. As many know, Kolten Wong became well known for hitting the whip after he hit a double last season. I was able to cross something off my bucket list that morning as I whipped with Kolten Wong.

Maybe not the best dance skills, but can a lot of people say they whipped with @KoltenWong #CardsCaravan

— Austin Ward (@austinward41) January 15, 2016

Overall it was a great day and great program. Being able to hit the whip with Wong was a big highlight, but the program definitely did not disappoint. Seeing young players here in the past from the likes of Michael Wacha, Stephen Piscotty, and Tim Cooney proves that there have been some pretty good talent coming through the doors.

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One thing becomes evident when it comes to the Cardinals Caravan; the St. Louis Cardinals have the best fans in baseball.