St. Louis Cardinals: Kolten Wong ready to quiet doubts


St. Louis Cardinals’ Kolten Wong is ready to silence the doubters in 2016.

“All these people doubting us so we are ready to show them what’s up.” All winter, the Chicago Cubs and their fanbase have made an aggressive push (after years of hibernating and retooling) towards ownership of the Central division. St. Louis Cardinals’ Kolten Wong has one message for them: Hold on a second. “Last year we lost Waino and Adams and others and did well.”

Wong has his sights set on hitting leadoff and thinks he has the aggressiveness on the bases and hitting approach to properly fulfill the role. “I’d like to hit leadoff. Do it from the start of camp so I can get comfortable with counts and such. “I’m not going to get away from being aggressive but also taking pitches so the lineup benefits.” Wong talks about Carp’s newfound power and versatility as reasons he could get a chance at leadoff.

“I don’t think I’m that old.” Wong laughed at the notion that the Cardinals are an aging core and as the rest of the team has done this weekend, seemed to have fun with it. Heyward’s comments may not be headline news to some, but the players like to have a little fun with it.

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Wong is not an advocate for negating the takeout at second base on either end. He knows how it feels to avoid and attack, being a middle infielder and baserunner who takes extra bases with intensity. “You have to give to get.”

Wong did talk about the acquisition of Jedd Gyorko in a positive light, saying he will help the core get better and add depth, mentioning how he played with him college.

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After a rough second half to 2015, Wong is ready to prove his own doubters and second guessers of the Cardinals wrong this season.