St. Louis Cardinals: Randal Grichuk Interview


St. Louis Cardinals’ outfielder Randal Grichuk comes into camp 100 percent and ready to hit some home runs.

2016 is the first season where St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Randal Grichuk comes into camp as a possible starting outfielder.  He is finally feeling healthy.

“Starting doing agility training last week. Running. I expect to be healthy and fighting for a job in the spring. My PT team expect me to be ready to go.”

The injuries to his sports hernia first came around in June, and he felt it when he took off a base or ran at top speed. He alerted the staff and it went on watch throughout the season.

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When it comes to what he can do when healthy, Randal Grichuk can promise some power. “30 home runs seems like a realistic goal.”

Grichuk didn’t make any big changes to his lifting schedule other than eliminating squatting to help better with the wrath of injuries.

One of the best things about Randal Grichuk is he has the ability to play all three outfield positions. He came up through the minors playing left and right field. Recently he played some center. He figures to get time all over in 2016. He feels comfortable in all areas.

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Can he throw at full strength? Grichuk admitted to having to save a few bullets early but doesn’t see it being a problem. That also goes for his right elbow. All medical reports are good and even though it may never go away, Grichuk doesn’t expect the elbow to be an issue. As seen by his hulk like presence, he is working it out and seeing no problems.

As I wrote recently, the allure of Grichuk is met by the frequency of his injuries and his strikeout ratio. It’s a double edged sword of excitement that will ride high in 2016. Grichik is here and expected to do great things. Will he hit 30 home runs? Will he stay healthy? That’s why they play the game. The important part is Grichuk starts the year 100 percent healthy and ready to contribute.