Don’t Sleep on Tommy Pham


Tommy Pham, it always seems like the guy is hit and miss when he makes appearances in the MLB. Once he’ll get called up and shine, the next he’ll struggle before he gets sent down. His most recent call up has definitely served good results. In 12 games he’s only been held hitless in four of them, two of them being the first two after his call up. You can surely expect more of the same as the season concludes.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge supporter of Tommy Pham. Whether his MLB stint was promising or upsetting, I’ve always been one to still be a supporter. His recent success goes to show that if he stays consistent, he’s one to look out for every time he steps up to the plate.

Pham was out for the first part of the season due to injury, but immediately when the season started he was obliterating the ball down in Memphis. His first call up of the season was one of the upsetting stints of his career. He batted just 8-for-44 which gave him a measly .182 batting average. But once he was sent back down, he took Memphis by storm again.

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He’s been able to show what he can truly do at the plate in his current stint in the Bigs. He’s hit successfully in 8 of 12 games and has gone 13-for-43 giving him a .302 batting average. In that time span he brought his season batting average from .182 up to .241.

So what’s different this time around? The main thing is he’s been able to find the gaps in the outfield. Every single time he’s in the Bigs you can tell he can hit, even when they’re for outs. When he finds the gaps it’s off for the races because the dude can straight fly.

It always seems in September and October you start hearing about players you’re not very familiar with, some you only hear around postseason time. With his current play, Pham could easily be one of these people. With consistency, his power, and his speed, a lot of people may find out who this kid is. Don’t sleep on Tommy Pham.

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