Cardinals injury update: Lance Lynn


St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn, who suffered an ankle sprain on Saturday, is expected to make his next start. Co-editor Steve Ungrey has an update:

St. Louis Cardinals fans around the country can breathe a sigh of relief.

Lance Lynn, who posted his 11th win of the season on Saturday, will be back on Friday to try for his 12th victory.

Lynn shook off the injury and told media he fully expects to make his next start barring a setback in the coming days.

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While the team could hold Lynn out for a start, much like I suggested, there’s also no sense sitting Lynn down if he doesn’t want to do it. Was the sprain really not as bad as it looked on TV? That’s a big possibility.

Keep in mind Lynn grabbed the back of his knee, making everyone believe he might have done something to that part of his leg. But it appears the injury was lower on the leg and not as bad as it looked, and for that Cardinals fans should be breathing a lot easier now.

This means the Cardinals shouldn’t have to switch around their rotation, even as rosters expand in the coming days.